Outreach is an essential (and fun) part of every scientist's job. Here are some highlights from some of our outreach activities.

  • Berkeley Lab Interns Meeting (June 2021): Slides
  • QuarkNet (July 2021): Slides
  • QuarkNet (July 2020): Slides
  • QuarkNet (June 2019): Slides
  • JHU Society of Physics Students visit (March 2019)
  • SULI, CCI & BLUR: Brown Bag Meeting (Sep. 2017): Slides
  • Berkeley Connect visist to LBNL (April 2017): Slides
  • SULI, CCI & BLUR: Brown Bag Meeting (Oct. 2016): Slides

Summer Schools

SLAC Summer Institute
Menlo Park, California, August 2023

HEPCAT Summer School
Davis, California, June 2022

MCnet Machine Learning School
June 2020

TRIUMF Tri-Institute Summer School on Elementary Particles
July 2019

CTEQ School on QCD and Electroweak Phenomenology
July 2019

Deep Learning for Science School
June 2019

1st Terascale School of Machine Learning
Oct. 2018